[Patrick, Drainage Operator]:Where I come from originally in the Philippines, water is available, but we'll never know if it's drinkable. To be living here and having a glass of water straight from the tap, I think it' something that people take for granted.

Hi, I'm Patrick. I work as a drainage operator based in Busselton depot in the Leeuwin district.

Most days we'll just be inspecting bridges, culverts that are on the road. We have to monitor the levels of the surge barriers because if it rains, that water has to go somewhere and we want it to go to our drainage. That way, it won't flood wherever it rains, it will flow out into the ocean.

And at the same time we have the surge barriers in place to stop the ocean water coming back into the town.

It's pretty good because you're driving on the beach and you think am I on a vacation? Then why am I driving on the beach during work hours? But that's just part of the job.

I've recently been working with another operator down in Bunbury. I was lucky to be the main person to mentor him about drainage. You work as a team together all the time, which is good, you know.

[Water Corporation employee]:Working with Pat it's been fun, cruising around the bush, doing our job, but also having fun while we're doing it. And he's a good teacher and he's really good with his talking as well, explaining stuff. Hopefully I can talk and teach as good as him.

[Patrick]:Work-life balance is very important. The operators, we work in a nine day fortnight. It helps me balance my life. I'm glad that I'm working for Water Corporation.

My first role with Water Corporation was a meter reader, which led me to where I am now. They're very helpful with your development path and you pretty much have availability to go anywhere within WA with whatever you want to learn.

My Dad is a Western Power linesman, so if he's giving power to people, I want to give water to people. And that made me realise that the career I want to be on is as an operator, whether it be civil treatment or drainage.

I'm happy to be an operator for Water Corporation.