[Jo, Senior Customer Service Representative]: My current role is a customer service representative within the call centre, and that's located at the customer Centre in Balcatta. On a normal day, my role would include taking about 40 to 50 calls. And then I also coach and mentor my team, and record their statistics and listen to their calls. I take escalated calls and follow-up enquiries as well. I’ve been in this role for four and a half years now, all within the call centre.

When I actually started I didn't really have any experience, as such. I had a customer service background because I’d worked at the cinemas. Since being in the role I have been provided with a lot of training and have attended courses so that I can build up that experience.

To be honest, I liked the office location, being in Balcatta. There was also good rates of pay, obviously. And, I was interested in working for a big organisation because obviously there would be a lot of career opportunities that would come from working here. The thing I like most about my role is helping my team, and we have a really good atmosphere in the call centre. Everyone is fun and friendly, so it’s actually enjoyable coming to work. And, also speaking to the customers as well and providing service to them.

We are regarded as a award-winning call centre, and we actually enter ourselves into the State Awards with all the other call centres. We have won quite a few awards. Recently I won the Tele-professional of the Year Award, so it’s good to be recognised as being part of one of the best call centres.

We provide assistance to customers on a lot of different queries. So it’s not ever the same day-to-day. We also have a lot of great supervisors and team leaders, and a great team of people with which we have a lot of fun as well. So, it’s a good atmosphere to work in.