[Kerrie, Regional Business Manager]: I work within the Regional Customer Services Group, within the Water Corporation. My role is as the Regional Business Manager in the North West region. So, I am based in Karratha but I spend a quite a bit of time across the whole of the North West.

I’ve been with the Water Corporation for 10 years. The first 9 years was with Project Management branch in Perth, and I’ve been the Regional Business Manager in Karratha for the last 12 months. I graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Engineering, I majored in Environmental Engineering. And I also did a Bachelor of Commerce.

The opportunity to have such a diverse range of roles within the same company…of course there’s always the one of long service leave after 7 years as well, that’s quite attractive. It’s a constant challenge, and I'm the sort of person that if I don’t have a constant challenge, I get bored. So, I really enjoy that part of it. 

I enjoy the fact that it is so diverse…no two days are the same. 

I spend a lot of time dealing with people, and I ‘m a people person, that’s what I enjoy doing so that’s great. It’s a fantastic team that I work with, both in Perth, in Karratha and across the whole north-west, so at the 4 different districts. It's a brilliant team. They all support each other, all have fun, enjoy socialising together as well…so it's great.

The training that the Water Corp provides, and the support in developing you and allowing you opportunities to further your career, is just fantastic. Coming to Karratha was definitely a big change for myself. I’ve previously spent some time in the country, but never up in the North West. My husband has spent a lot of time in the North West and loves Karijini and those sorts of places…so for me it was a really good opportunity, not only to learn another part of their business, but also to live a different lifestyle.

Even if you don't have a formal qualification there are still lots of opportunities within the Water Corporation. And, one of the really great benefits is that if the training is relevant to your role, the Water Corporation may actually support you in getting your qualification and doing further training. So, I wouldn't see it as any sort of a hindrance at all. Still join us…still lots of opportunities.