[Sarah, Graduate Engineer]: My role at the Water Corporation is as a Superintendents’ Representative. I work in Project Management branch, so I’m in the Wastewater Conveyance Team. My role, basically, is to administer construction contracts and I’m working on the Spearwood Infill Sewerage Projects.

I’ve been here for 8 months now as part of the graduate program. That will last for 3 years, and as part of that I rotate on a yearly basis and get to try out a few of the branches.

I graduated last year from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Construction. As part of getting that degree, I did 12 weeks of work experience in the private sector for a construction consultant.

I first became attracted to working for the Water Corporation when I attended a careers expo at Curtin University. I was really attracted to the career develop opportunities, mainly, and also the culture that really fosters a work-life balance. Also, I’m really passionate about sustainability so it was important to me to work for a company that can allow that.

On a day-to-day basis, I share myself mainly between the head office in Leederville and at the site in Spearwood. When I’m on site I check on the contractors and make sure that they’re complying with all our OHS regulations and our specifications. I also liaise with the customers to make sure that they’re happy with the works we’re doing on-site. 

When I’m back in the office I process the progress claims, pay the contractors and also deal with customers. 

My team is made up of about 25 people in the Wastewater Conveyance Team. That’s made up of project directors, project analysts, project managers, a couple of superintendents and a few other graduates that work as superintendents’ representatives like me.

The best thing about working for the Water Corporation is the people I work with. The first thing that struck me when I first started was how from everyone was, and how helpful everyone was. There’s really a wealth of experience here. So there’s plenty of people to learn from…who can help me when I’m coming across something new. I also really like the opportunities for career development. I’ve been on so many courses since I’ve started here, and I’ve already learnt so much. So I think that’s really great.