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[Voiceover]: Each and every day Water Corporation supplies over two million people with clean, fresh drinking water.

And each and every day we take away over 450 million litres of household wastewater.

Wastewater is pretty much just that. 99.9% water. This is mainly water from your bathroom and laundry.

We can now treat this wastewater and recycle it so that it's not wasted.

There are 5 main wastewater treatment plants in the city at Alkimos, East Rockingham, Subiaco, Woodman Point and Beenyup located in Craigie.

So how does wastewater get to these plants?

Well, after you’ve used your water it goes down a waste pipe and into over 16,000 kilometres of sewer mains we maintain and operate. Once it reaches the plants it goes through a series of rigorous treatment processes that make the water safe to return to the environment.

In 2009, we set a goal that we would be recycling 30% or more of our wastewater statewide by 2030.

So where do we use this recycled water?

Recycled water is perfect for irrigating sports grounds, golf courses and public open spaces as well as non-food crops like trees, woodlots, turf and flowers.

It’s suitable for construction and industrial processing.

It’s very useful for our environment – helping maintaining wetlands, for example.

And around the home it’s used in toilets and washing machines as well as irrigating gardens.

We also pump this water underground to help recharge our groundwater.

Increasing the amount of water we recycle is vital to help WA become more climate resilient and secure water supplies now - and into the future.

To find out more, visit our website at watercorporation.com.au/ourwater