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[Vanessa Liebenberg]: Water is really important for life, for nature.

[Justin Martin]: It certainly has a big role with the human species, if we don't have water we won't survive.

[Pippa Scheepers]: It's the epicentre of life.

[Lawry Halden]: With our growing population everyone's using what the Water Corp has and we've got to look after it.

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[Water Corporation employee]: Splash of Colour started because we wanted to transform these assets that perhaps you don't notice every day, but are actually really important to moving our water around.

We try and find local artists. We then engage with local community groups to try and get their input into the artwork so we can tell their story and what water means to them.

[Lawry Halden]: We came to the school, did an art class with them, trying to get as much information as we could out of them about water and what things would be harmed by using too much water.

[Vanessa Liebenberg]: It was really great working with the students. They were very excited, they had lots of ideas and they were quite passionate about water conservation.

[Water Corporation employee]: We really highlight the importance of the water story in that area. It's important to use aspects of the community in the artwork.

[Justin Martin]: Clean, fresh water for aboriginal people was really important. It was about our survival and we relied on it. We have a very strong and healthy respect for our land and our country and the water itself is part of our belief.

[Lawry Halden]: The design, the idea of the flow of the cycle of the water, coming up from the land and then coming back down into the river. The creatures that are in it are very local. The motorbike frog is probably the main one and the Waugul, which is the rainbow serpent and that's part of the creation which is up in the sky, which is how it's presented here in the clouds.

[Pippa Scheepers]: I spent a lot of time walking around Lake Monger, which is our closest water body. I observed the great eastern egret, which is one of the local birds that's on the lake. I was really taken by their patience and tenacity and calmness.

[Justin Martin]: My artwork is influenced by traditional line work of the Noongar people, designed to represent the Canning River waterways and also some of those special animal species which inhabit those areas.

[Water Corporation employee]: We now have over 40 Water Corporation assets that have been included as part of the Splash of Colour project.

[Pippa Scheepers]: Taking something from being blank to a beautiful piece of art, my hope is that it'll encourage a sense of pride in the local area.

Water's always been important for me. It's a limited resource. I think it's something that should be held onto quite tightly and preserved as best as possible.

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[Justin Martin]: I hope my art engages with people and I hope they get a satisfaction.

[Lawry Halden]: It's generally bright colours and things that will hopefully uplift people as they're walking past, maybe lifts your mood. The people that have gone past appreciate the little splash of colour, literally.

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