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[Milvia Daniels]: Water Corporation’s partnered with the Innovation Institute who deliver bespoke programs, that work closely with students in one day workshops to tackle community issues and come up with solutions by using the design thinking process.

So, this year, our challenge to the students was only use the water that you need and for them to come up with an innovative solution in tackling the issue of climate change and our community using less water.

[Kelly Ngatai]: I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the pitches today. All the schools contributed, such amazing design thinking, which is really, I think at the core of what today was all about. Was encouraging that innovative design thinking and getting them to think outside of the box.

[Girrawheen SHS student]; We can’t afford to waste the water we have now, and education is vital to our future success.

[Fremantle College student]: Our solution to this issue is the Waugal Tap. It's a water efficient, space saving tap with temperature buttons on the top, as well as two dials that regulate settings. It can be installed just like a normal tap and connects to the exact same pipes.

[Milvia Daniels]: Some delivered ideas on water efficiency products, some delivered ideas on water conservation campaigns.

[Rossmoyne High School student]: Our pitch was based around Dreamtime stories and how Aboriginal people pass down these messages. In particular we chose the story about Tiddalick which was about laughing and fixing a problem in a fun way, and I think bringing that aspect into fixing real-life problems such as water conservation was really innovative.

[Mount Lawley Senior High School student]: And it was also really interesting, learning about the Aboriginal culture and how they incorporate water conservation, but also just like the meaning behind the water.

[Fremantle College student]: My favourite part of the whole process, I think, was just being able to get together as a group and do something bigger than ourselves.

[St Norbert College student]: Not only do you get to express your ideas on an issue, but you also get to understand other people's perspective on the same ideas.

[Rossmoyne High School student]: It was like that real life working aspect where you get to collaborate with other team members, look at other ways of thinking, your way of thinking, and just mesh all that into this one great idea that you can pitch to other audiences.

[Paul Litwin]: There's real world potential application for these ideas and then to be able to see them working in the real world, that have come from these young minds, is absolutely incredible.

[Pat Donovan]: The winner is... Fremantle College for the Waugal Tap and the Hose.

[Susan Fahey]: Students nowadays, are very passionate when it comes to making a difference about climate change. Having events like the Water Corporation's Think Tank is really great, because that passion can get distilled into practical change that they can make and ideas that they can come up with to really impact on this issue of climate change.

[Cheers from Fremantle College students]

[Kelly Ngatai]: There is hope that everything that they can do, it does actually make a difference. We've got big issues and we need big problem solving to come to hand here and today was an exceptional example of that. What they're attempting to do, is not only for their future, but future generations within the whole world.

[Multiple voices]: Think climate change, be waterwise.