Project goal:

As an operational priority, we continue to investigate long-term solutions to effectively manage odour from a wastewater facility in the Bibra Lake area.

This facility filters gas from a network of large wastewater pipelines that converge near Bibra Drive. These critical pipelines carry much of the wastewater from the southern metropolitan area to Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The next phase of work to refurbish and upgrade the facility is underway. These works are not expected to cause any increase to odour levels in the area, and the site will continue to be well-monitored. Residents may notice limited heavy vehicle and construction activity at the site, with little impact to the flow of traffic.

Once these works are finished, the facility will continue to function at a minimum until further research and monitoring is complete.

We expect the facility to operate at full capacity towards the end of this year. During the first few weeks of reinstatement, intermittent odour may be temporarily released, and if so, within a small area closest to the odour control facility, as pictured below.


In progress

Delivery Date:

Refurbishment works, along with further monitoring and research will continue until the facility is switched on to operate at full capacity again, later this year.

Where is it happening?

Work is taking place at the odour control facility next to the drainage pump station on Bibra Drive, Bibra Lake.

Map of works - Bibra Lake odour control  

When is it happening?

Investigation and increased maintenance work has been in progress since March 2020 and will continue so that optimal function of the facility is maintained.

Why is this work important?

A well-functioning odour control facility is vital to maintain the condition and lifespan of our wastewater pipelines, and will provide valuable data to inform our longer-term wastewater network planning.

In response to feedback from nearby residents regarding occasional odours from the facility, we consider this project an operation priority in the interest of reaching a long-term solution.

What are the impacts?

Residents may notice intermittent noise due to construction activity and heavy vehicles at the site while refurbishment works are underway.

Temporary, intermittent odour may be experienced when the site is switched on to operate at full capacity again, later in the year. We will provide further notification before the facility is reinstated, as well as continuous and thorough monitoring, so that we can resolve any odour issues as promptly and effectively as possible.

We are mindful of the impact caused by odour and treat these issues as a priority. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience residents may experience while work is in progress and invite you to provide your feedback and report odour via our 24-hour Faults, Emergencies and Security line on 13 13 75.

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