Project goal:

As an operational priority, we are investigating a long-term solution to effectively manage odour originating from a wastewater facility in the Bibra Lake area. This facility filters gas from a number of large wastewater pipelines that converge near Bibra Drive but has not been operating as intended. These critical pipelines carry much of the wastewater from the southern metropolitan area to Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant.

As an interim measure, we have undertaken extensive work to help reduce odour. The flow of odorous gas has been significantly reduced at the facility, and other measures include ongoing inspections, site monitoring and regular replacement of odour-minimising carbon filters.


In progress

Delivery Date:

Results from ongoing investigations into the most effective, long-term solution are expected within the next few weeks, which will then determine the likely timeframe.

Where is it happening?

Work is taking place at the Odour Control Facility next to the drainage pump station on Bibra Drive, Bibra Lake.

When is it happening?

Investigation and increased maintenance work has been in progress since March 2020.

Why is this work important?

We treat odour-related issues as a priority. We are mindful of the impact odour can cause and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience residents may have experienced.

What are the impacts?

Residents may notice intermittent odour as we progress a long-term solution. This is a complex issue but one that we aim to resolve as promptly and effectively as possible.

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