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Project goal:

Upgrading wastewater infrastructure in Manning to improve the disposal of wastewater in the City of South Perth.


Phase 1: In construction

Phase 2: Commencement date to be confirmed

In Construction:

Phase 1: June 2023 -September 2024

Phase 2: To be confirmed

What is happening?

We are upgrading the existing Jarman Avenue Pump Station in Manning to improve the disposal of wastewater in the City of South Perth.

This work will be delivered in two phases. This work includes:

Phase 1- Civil works

  • Construction of a below ground pump station
  • Construction of a short section of underground wastewater pipeline to connect the upgraded pump station to existing wastewater infrastructure
  • Decommissioning of the existing pump station and wet well
  • Temporary reinstatement of impacted area

Phase 2 - Mechanical and electrical upgrades

  • Installation of aboveground electrical infrastructure
  • Installation of new pumps, within the below ground pump station
  • Final reinstatements of impacted area

Where is this happening?

Work will take place at the existing Jarman Avenue Pump Station and the northern reserve, adjacent to Manning Primary School’s oval. Please see map below

Map of works area

Why is this taking place?

To ensure we can securely dispose of wastewater for the growing Manning community, we need to increase the capacity of our existing pump station. 

When is this taking place?

Construction began in June 2023. Due to a change in design standards, the design of the new wastewater pump station was modified during construction, in early-2024. This caused a delay to the project timeline and changed the way the upgrades will be completed.

To minimise the impact to the community, the upgrades will be delivered in two phases.

Phase one is due to be completed in early September. The below ground pump station will be operational at this time.

The commencement date and duration of phase two depends on another utility provider. We will provide an update when these details have been confirmed.

How will this impact the community?

As with any construction activities you may notice an increase in activity, truck movements and noise while we complete these upgrades.

We acknowledge the community's concerns the construction works may have on trees in close proximity to the work area. The project design has been modified to ensure minimal loss of surrounding trees, including engagement of a qualified arborist to recommend additional steps to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, whilst we undertake this critical work.

To minimise site presence, our authorised contractor, DM Civil, will leave site once phase one is complete. Before leaving site, the site office will be removed, and mulch will be installed as a temporary reinstatement.

Please be assured that the final reinstatement of the affected areas will take place upon completion of phase two. While most of the new pump station will be operational underground,  there will be large electrical cabinets visible aboveground.

We are working with the City of South Perth to restore the vegetation impacted by our work and ways we can make the aboveground electrical infrastructure more visibly pleasing to the community.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any feedback or concerns, or require further information, please call or email Community Engagement Advisor, Lexie Duffy on (08) 9420 2716 or

If you need to report a fault, emergency or security issue, call 13 13 75 (24 hours).

Lexie Naylor – Community Engagement Advisor

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