Genus: Aloe
Species: cultivars
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These tough long life perennials put on an amazing show of flowers from autumn through to winter. Aloe’s can withstand a range of climatic conditions from a light frost to the harsh summer sun and will grow in the sandiest of soils (although like most plants, will benefit from nutrient rich soils). This makes it an ideal low maintenance addition to your garden either as a mass planting or in a pot.

The Aloe-Aloe collection consists of many cultivars in a wide range of flower colours. 'Always Red' (red), 'Andrea's Orange' (orange), 'Fairy Pink' (pink), Topaz' (orange), 'Winter bells' (yellow), 'Moonglow' (yellow), 'Venus' (orange and yellow), 'Super Red' (red), 'Sea Urchin' (orange). Foliage shape and size also differs with each variety ranging from skinny and long to chunky and wide leaves. Flowers spikes are held above foliage and are very attractive to birds as a source of nectar.

Pronunciation: Alow-ee