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Genus: Callistemon
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A large range of medium sized, tough, evergreen shrubs to small trees with bottlebrush flowers in a range of colours that attract birds, mostly during spring and sometimes in summer and autumn. Prefers full sun and can be pruned hard after flowering.

Cultivars with a mature height of 2 m or more include 'All Aglow' (to 3m), 'Hannah Ray' (to 4m), pink new growth, red flowers; 'Mauve Mist' (to 2.5m), stiff growth habit, pink silky new growth, mauve flowers; 'Mr Foster' (to 4m), broad leaves, bright red spring flowers;' Pink Champagne' (to 4m), sporadic pink flowers and 'Western Glory' (to 4m), stiff foliage, mauve red flowers.

Pronunciation: Kalis-teem-on