Genus: Eremophila
Species: glabra
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An ornamental, evergreen, small shrub or ground cover. Also commonly known as Tar Bush, Black Fuchsia Bush and Poverty Bush, this WA native is very hardy with tubular, flowers in spring and summer which attract birds. Grows and flowers best in full sun. A variable species from which many selections have been made for shape, leaf colour and flower colour.

Cultivars include 'Amber Carpet', 'Ballala Gold', 'Burgundy', 'Carramar Grey', 'Compact', 'Dawes', 'Kalbarri Carpet',  'Fiery Red', 'Lime Gold', 'Mingenew Gold', 'Murchison Magic', 'Prostrata', 'Orange Flower', 'Red Flower', 'Roseworthy', 'Silver Rambler' and 'Yellow'.

Pronunciation: Erro-mof-ill-la