Genus: Grevillea
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Grown through the Kings Park breeding program, Scarlet Moon grows just about anywhere.This is an evergreen, small, bushy shrub to around 1.6 metres high. Silver foliage is fern-like and white buds open to a scarlet toothbrush style of flower. This is a free flowering plant, much visited by nectar-seeking birds as well as bees. Can be kept compact by trimming after flowering slows down. Available as a grafted plant from specialist retail nurseries.

Best grown in a full sun position with well-drained soil. Perfect as an informal screen or as a feature in a large decorative container.

Pronunciation: Gre-vill-ee-ya

Warning: A few plants in the Protea family can be damaged by phosphorous (P). Exercise caution when applying fertiliser. Caution may cause skin irritation.