Drainage for Liveability

Finding ways to work collaboratively and make better use of the green spaces around drainage infrastructure.

Image of a community improved stormwater drain

About the program

The Drainage for Liveability Program is a collaboration between Water Corporation and Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, designed to enhance the value to the community of stormwater drains and basins across WA. Stormwater drains and basins serve a functional purpose, but they also have the potential to contribute to the liveability of our local communities. Working with interested community groups, local authorities and the development industry, we are aiming to improve drainage and surface water management, and increase green open spaces in our urban environment. This is part of our support for the transition of Perth and rural centres across WA towards the vision for the ‘Water Sensitive City’. Water Sensitive Cities look to integrate water systems planning with land use planning. The aim is to show how water can make our communities more sustainable, productive, resilient and liveable.

Drainage for Liveability guidance notes

We’ve created a set of guidelines to promote interaction between organisations and their representatives undertaking drainage design and management.  These notes have been developed in conjunction with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation to aid in the design and implementation of stormwater infrastructure. Each note focuses on certain principles for consideration and provides recommendations for a collaborative design approach. We encourage infrastructure managers to adopt the approaches outlined where applicable.

Living streams in Water Corporation assets

Managing small rainfall events at source

Stormwater integration into open space areas

More guidelines will be made available as they are developed and finalised. 

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Check out some of Drainage for Liveability urban transformations.

Contact us

Manager Drainage and Liveable Communities, Water Corporation – Suzanne Brown, Phone: (08) 9420 2420

Manager Urban Water, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation – Tim Sparks, Phone: (08) 6364 7600


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