Project goal:

State-wide program to replace hydrants and valves to improve the security and reliability of water supply.


In construction

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What's happening?

This work will replace ageing infrastructure to help prevent leaks and breaks and ensure our hydrants comply with current fire management standards.

  • Hydrant replacement -  a hydrant is a connection point for firefighters to access water from the local water supply scheme.
  • Valve replacement -  a valve controls the flow of water through the water pipes.

How will this impact the community?

  • Most hydrants and valves are located in residential verges.
  • There may be an increase in noise, dust and activity. Residents may notice more vehicles and noise near their property if they live near a hydrant or valve.
  • This work may require temporary interruptions to your water service. If a temporary water supply interruption is required to complete the work safely and flush the network before the supply is turned back on:
    • All attempts to avoid and reduce impact to the community will be considered before progressing work.
    • We will aim to keep water outages under 6 hours.
    • Residents will be notified at least 48 hours before a planned water outage.
    • Residents are asked to draw water in advance and turn off their meter temporarily.
    • Residents may notice reduced pressure once water has been switched off. This will slowly return to normal after work is complete.
    • We will turn the water back on slowly to minimise air in the pipes and water discolouration.
  • Our construction methods may mean unavoidable impact to properties, roads, footpaths and verges, including reticulation. Access to footpaths may be restricted and will be made safe until permanently repaired. Disturbed driveways or verges will be restored to original condition once work is complete. We will work closely with customers impacted by this.
  • Traffic management will be in place where required.
  • Customers may notice a tanker in the area. This will be used to collect excess water. This water is re-used where possible.

We remind customers living in high bushfire risk areas that an independent water supply is necessary, should you choose to stay and actively defend your home. All efforts are made to maintain scheme water supply during a bushfire, however damaged infrastructure or a cut to power may result in a total loss of water. See Bushfires & water supply for more information.

We have been working with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) to ensure fire hydrants across the state are compliant with agreed design standards.

As part of this commitment, we are currently undertaking essential maintenance to upgrade the fire hydrants across WA.

Where is hydrant and valve maintenance taking place?

This table outlines the regional locations where hydrant and valve maintenance is taking place.
Where Number of hydrants & valves affected by work Dates
Mid West region    
Cervantes 63 Completed Dec 2021
Dongara & Port Denison 5 Completed Apr 2022
Exmouth 87 Completed Dec 2021
Geraldton 97 Completed March 2022
Jurien Bay 13 Complete Jan 2022
Kalbarri 71 Completed April 2022
Lancelin Completed Jan 2022
Leeman 5 Completed Jan 2022
Moora 38 Partially completed March 2022 (returning FY23 TBC)
Northampton 17 Completed Feb 2022
Goldfields and Agricultural region    
Beacon 7 May 2022
Kalgoorlie-Boulder 25 TBC
Kellerberrin  51 May - Jun 2022
Merredin 1 TBC
Northam 23 TBC
York  18 TBC
Great Southern region    
Boddington 8 May - Jun 2022
Brookton 7 May - Jun 2022
Dumbleyung  28 May 2022
Esperance 25 TBC
Katanning 1 May 2022
Kulin 12 Apr - May 2022
Narrogin  71 TBC 2022
South West region    
Australind 2 Completed Feb 2022
Binningup 3 Completed Feb 2022
Burekup 1 Completed Feb 2022
Capel  6 May 2022
Collie 46 June 2022
Dunsborough 3 May 2022
Eaton 4 Completed Feb 2022
Margaret River 25 May- June 2022
North West region    
Broome 27 May- June 2022
Derby 40 Completed Feb 2022
Karratha 40 FY23
Onslow 10 May -June 2022
Port & South Hedland 76 Partially completed Feb - April 2022 (returning FY23 TBC)
Roebourne 13 FY23
Wickham 15 FY23 

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