Strategic resource precincts

A strategic resource precinct is a defined area around a wastewater treatment plant or water resource recovery facility containing a concentration of infrastructure, land uses and services for the treatment, storage and recycling of wastewater and other resources.

Our vision is to pursue partnerships with communities and industry to create strategic resource precincts around wastewater treatment plants. This will encourage land uses that are not odour sensitive and which can provide benefits by being located close to these assets. 

The establishment of strategic resource precincts around treatment plants will ensure:

  • long term asset protection
  • efficient use of land, water and other resources
  • more liveable and climate resilient communities.

We refer to this outcome as 'Buffertopia'. Watch our video to find out more. 

The Western Australian Planning Commission has recognised in the State Planning Strategy 2050 the role of land use planning in facilitating strategic resource precincts around wastewater treatment plants.

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