Find out all you need to know about water bills if you are a property manager or landlord.

We bill customers every 2 months. Each bill consists of 2 parts: the service charge (or water rates); and the water use charge (how much water has been used).

Please note that services charges have set billing dates, but water use charges will depend on the dates of the meter readings. 

Service charges

We calculate the service charge component based on the number of days in the billing period.

The 6 service charge billing periods for this financial year, July 2018 to June 2019 are:

1 July–31 August  62 days 
1 September–31 October  61 days 
1 November–31 December  61 days 
1 January–28 February  59 days 
1 March–30 April  61 days 
1 May–30 June  61 days 

Water use charges

Water use charges are calculated from the date of the last meter reading to the current meter reading. These dates may be different to the service charge periods. 

The water use charge will change each bill – it depends on how much water has been used over the period. 

Billing 6 times per year spreads the costs and makes it easier for tenants to pay. It also assists with water efficiency and leak detection, as tenants can see their water use information more often and assess changes.

Receiving bills

As the property manager or landlord, you can decide how you would like us to bill you. We can either:

  • send you a combined bill for service and water use charges
  • send separate water use bills and service charges bills
  • send the water use bills directly to your tenants (you still receive the service charges).

If you would like the account for water use changed into your tenant's name you can:

Please be aware that we hold the owner of a property liable for all service charges and water use charges. Whilst the account can be sent to your tenant, if it is not paid by the due date we will request payment from the owner.

Why is the owner is responsible for all charges?

The legislation under which we are licensed to operate holds the owner of a property liable  for all service charges and water use charges.

While you may require your tenants to pay the charges for water use, this arrangement remains a private matter between yourselves.

My Water for property managers and landlords

You can manage all your properties quickly and easily in our account self service site My Water.

More about My Water

We’ve added some new features to My Water to help you manage your bills:

You can now prepay service charges for the financial year in your My Water account via the ‘My bills and payments’ tab.  

The service charges for your property will be issued on the first bill of the new financial year along with the water use charges (for metered properties). From then on the water use charges will continue to be issued every two months.

If the selection is made after 1 July 2018 (or after the first meter read for the financial year) the remaining balance of the service charges for the 2018–19 financial years will be billed immediately.

Will I receive a discount if I prepay the service charges for the full financial year?

No, there’s no discount for prepaying your service charges annually. We’re offering this as an alternative so that customers can manage their bills in a way that’s convenient to them.

Does this become a default?

Yes, if the full financial year service charge pre-payment is selected this will carry over to the next financial year for service charges.

If you have signed up for paperless billing, you can now opt to have a PDF copy of your bill sent with your notification email.

How can I make this happen?

Under ‘My bills and payments’ tab in My Water, go to ‘Paperless billing’. Here, you can sign up for paperless billing as well as choose to receive a PDF copy of your bill with your notification email by ticking the box.

From 1 July 2014 property owners can set up direct debit payments for service charges only. This means that you can opt to have service charges direct debited from your account or credit card and your tenant can set up a direct debit for water use charges.

How can I make this happen?

You can set up direct debit payments under the ‘My bills and payments’ tab in My Water. 

If you own an investment property and have chosen to have two-monthly water use bills sent directly to your tenant, you can still be kept in the loop and see the bills that are sent to your tenant or property manager.

How can I make this happen?

Under ‘My bills and payments’ tab in My Water, go to ‘Paperless billing’. Here, you can sign up for paperless billing as well as elect to be notified when a bill is sent to your tenant or property manager by ticking the box. 

If you own or manage multiple properties, you can download the bill information for all properties into an Excel spreadsheet or PDF – making it easier to collate your information.

How can I make this happen?

From the My Water home page, select ‘View all bills for this account' and follow the prompts. 

In some instances you can extend your due date by 28 days*. 

How can I make this happen?

Just call us on 1300 659 752 and choose option ‘1’, and we'll let you know your new due date, there and then.

CALL 1300 659 752

You can also login to your My Water account, select the 'Extend bill due date' option under the ‘My bills and payments’ tab. 

Some eligibility criteria exists, such as a limit of one extension per bill.

Overdue payments

All overdue notices are sent to the property owner. Due dates for payments can be extended if required though My Water.

Special meter readings

If you are a property owner or manager you will need to organise a special meter reading when a tenant moves in or out of a property. That way we can ensure that your new tenants don’t pay for water they haven’t used.

Apply for a meter reading

High bills

If your tenants have complained about a higher than expected bill, ask them to consider the following common reasons for high bills.

Water use in warmer months tends to be higher. If the usage looks like it has increased, compare it to a previous bill from a similar time of year.

Irrigation systems are the biggest water guzzler in the home! Reticulation can use up to 130 litres of water per minute.

Test the irrigation system for any possible leaks – a broken sprinkler head can waste up to 40 litres per minute. Make sure you test on your allocated watering day either before 9am or after 6pm.

Leaks or bursts can account for increased water use.

How to test for leaks around your home
Water usage can increase if new appliances or fittings have been installed.

These could include a:

  • dishwasher
  • washing machine
  • evaporative air-conditioner
  • reticulation
  • shower heads
  • taps.
Visitors, guests or an increase in residents can all increase the amount of water used.