Oil-water separators

If you need to use an oil-water separator for pre-treating your waste, you can choose from the following approved products.

It's your responsibility to ensure all special conditions of approval are followed when an oil-water separator is installed at your premises.  Please refer to the approval certificate that comes with your product for specific conditions and supplier contact details.

Product Heading Manufacturer Suppliers Item Capacity
Pump Type Approval
Coalescing Plate / Tube / Cross-Flow Allied Pumps Pty Ltd K/CPS-15 FS 1,500 Diaphragm K/SM-25/100 AN-013
K/CPS-30 FS 3,000 Diaphragm K/SM-38/170
K/CPS-60 FS 6,000 Diaphragm K/SM-38/340
K/CPS-75 FS 9,000 Diaphragm K/SM-50/680
SPEL Puraceptor P.004.C1.2C 14,400 N/A AN-061
SPEL Puraceptor P.006.C1.2C 21,600 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.008.C1.2C 28,800 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.010.C1.2C 36,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.013.C1.2C 46,800 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.015.L.C1.2C 54,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.015.S.C1.2C 54,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.020.C1.2C 72,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.030.C1.2C 108,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.040.C1.2C 144,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.050.L.C1.2C 180,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.060.L.C1.2C 216,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.070.L.C1.2C 252,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.050.S.C1.2C 180,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.060.S.C1.2C 216,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.070.S.C1.2C 252,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.080.C1.2C 288,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.090.C1.2C 324,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.100.C1.2C 360,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.110.C1.2C 396,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.120.C1.2C 432,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.150.C1.2C 540,000 N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.180.C1.2C 648,000  N/A
SPEL Puraceptor P.200.C1.2C 720,000 N/A
All Pumps Sales and Service KCPS-1000  1,000 Diaphragm AN-059
KCPS-1500  1,500 Diaphragm
KCPS-2000  2,000 Diaphragm
KCPS-3000  3,000 Diaphragm
Baldwin Industrial Systems Pty Ltd MPV-12 1,500 ASM DP25 diaphragm pump AN-051
MPV-6 1,500 ASM DP25 diaphragm pump
BBSV-64/2/12 2,000 ASM DP32 diaphragm pump
BBSV-64/4/12 4,000 ASM DP38 diaphragm pump
BSV-96/6/12 6,000 ASM DP50 diaphragm pump
BSV-96/9/12 10,000 ASM DP76 diaphragm pump
Clearmake Pty Ltd CB 1.0 SS 720 CP 11 AN-014
CP 1.5 SS 1,000 CP 11
CL 3.0 SS 1,500 CP25, DS25 or DT25
CL 5.0 SS 4,200 DS38 or DT38
Eclipse Environmental Australia HYD1000S 1,010 Eclipse DP25 diaphragm pump AN-053
HYD3000S 2,970 Eclipse DP40 diaphragm pump
HYD5000S 4,950 Eclipse DP50 diaphragm pump
Fox Environmental Systems Pty Ltd FX1000SS 1,000 Mono CP11 AN-015
FX1000SSD 1,000 FXP 1000
FX1500SS 1,500 Mono CP11
FX1500SSD 1,500 FXP 1500
FX3000SS 3,000 Mono CP25
FX3000SSD 3,000 ASM DS 32
FX6000SSD 6,000 ASM DS38
Mascot Engineering Group CFI 15 1,500 Progressive Cavity Pump CFICP800 (30 strokes / min) AN-016
CFI 30 2,500 Progressive Cavity Pump CFICP25 (30 strokes / min)
Safewaste SW020 1,000   AN-017
Tank Solutions Pty Ltd Aquator T3.5 (6 L/sec) 21,600 N/A AN-082
Aquator T20 (60 L/sec) 216,000 N/A
CleanaWater DEOIL3 Air Hydrocyclone packaged oil water separator 3,000 RAN D25 P1 Air Double Diaphragm 1"
ARO 1" Air Double Diaphragm
DEOIL5 Air Hydrocyclone packaged oil water separator 5,000 RAN D25 P1 Air Double Diaphragm 1"
ARO 1" Air Double Diaphragm
DEOIL3 Electric Hydrocyclone packaged oil water separator 3,000 Helical Rotor Mono Pumps C2XA
Helical Rotor Roto Pumps RDCA512
DEOIL5 Electric Hydrocyclone packaged oil water separator 5,000 Helical Rotor Mono Pumps C15A
Helical Rotor Roto Pumps RDCA532
Ultraspin Pty Ltd OS35 3,500 ARO 1.5" air operated diaphragm pump AN-019
Packed Media CleanaWater TS 1000 1,000 KwikFlo KDS 25-100 AN-020
TS 1500 1,500 KwikFlo KDS 25-150
TS 2000 2,000 KwikFlo KDS 32-200
TS 3000 3,000 KwikFlo KDS 38-300
TS 4000 4,000 ASM DS38
Vertical Gravity Separators Allflow Industrial ISS V10P0F/P1 700 Mono CP11RJ(1450 rpm) AN-021
ISS V10P0F/D1 1,000 ASM DS25 (30 strokes / min)
ISS V15P3F/P1 1,600 Mono CP25RJ (1450 rpm)
ISS V15P0F/D1 1,500 ASM DS25 (42 strokes / min)
ISS V15P3F/D1 1,500 ASM DS25 (42 strokes / min)
ISS V20P3F/P1 2,000 ASM DS32 (48 strokes / min)
ISS V30P3F/P1 2,700 Mono CP800RJ (960 rpm)
ISS V30P3F/D1 3,000 ASM DS38 (36 strokes / min)
Domino DV700 SYS 700 Mono CP11 RJ (1450 rpm)
Domino DV1500 SYS 1,500 Mono CP25 RJ (1450 rpm)
Domino DV1500NG SYS 1,500 Mono CP25 RJ (1450 rpm)
Domino DV3000NG SYS 2,700 Mono CP800RJ (960 rpm)
Enviro H20 Pty Ltd SIOS25 with ISS VGS VF 15 POF 1,380 ASM DS25 AN-042

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