Funeral parlours and mortuaries

Information about how to responsibly dispose of wastewater from funeral parlours and mortuaries.

General requirements

Wastewater from funeral parlours and mortuaries may contain high levels of biological waste and chemicals which can impact the wastewater system.

  • Funeral parlours and mortuaries require a trade waste permit to discharge to the wastewater system.
  • Disposal of solids and body parts to the wastewater system is prohibited.
  • Bucket traps will not be considered for disposal of wastes from funeral parlours or mortuaries.
  • Sanitary fixtures are not to be used for the disposal of surplus embalming products, cleaning liquids and associated products.

Fixture requirements

Mortuaries with post-mortems

Mortuaries which carry out post-mortems and other work on cadavers (hospitals, state mortuaries, universities or research mortuaries) must meet the following requirements:

  • the autopsy table must discharge through a flushing rim connected directly to the property wastewater system
  • where the flushing rim is set in the floor, other waste fixtures within the same room may discharge to sewer through the flushing rim in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500
  • slop hoppers in the same area must be independently connected directly to the property sewer wastewater system.

Mortuaries without post-mortems

Premises which only carry out embalming, viewing preparation and storage of cadavers do not require a flushing rim but will require a receiving point for the discharge from the autopsy or work table.

The recommended method is to install a large rimmed stainless steel floor waste, approximately 225 mm to 300 mm diameter at floor level, reduced at its base to enable it to connect with a 100 mm P-trap. The trapped drain can then preferably be connected directly to the property's wastewater system, or alternatively discharge through a disconnector gully.

The waste pipe from the autopsy table can discharge through the grate or via a tundish, under the grate.

Mortuaries without embalming or post-mortems

Mortuaries which only store and prepare cadavers for burial require a 100 mm industrial waste trap in the floor only.

The water seal in the industrial waste trap can be maintained by connecting a sink or basin, from within the same room, to the trap.

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