Mobile home and portable toilet cartridge dump facility

Mobile home and portable toilet waste includes waste from mobile homes and portable cartridge type toilets for caravans.

Mobile and portable toilet cartridge waste has an organic content many times that of normal domestic wastewater, and may contain various treatment chemicals. It's a waste which, in commercial quantities, must be controlled through our trade waste permitting system.


  • All portable toilet waste that is to be discharged to the wastewater system must be disposed of at designated mobile home and portable toilet cartridge dump facilities which could be located at caravan parks, roadside stops, showgrounds and other locations.
  • An application to discharge trade waste must be submitted for assessment prior to the installation of any proposed discharge point.

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  • All designated discharge points must have a permit held by the party that owns, operates and provides the facility. In the case of caravan parks that may have several dump points, each one is designated separately on a single permit. 
  • Mobile home and portable toilet cartridge dump facilities are to be constructed with a bounded area to prevent any spillage to the environment. The minimum outlet is to 150mm (LIT) connected to 100mm gully.

Mobile homes and cartridge dump facility

  • A hinged lockable lid is to be fitted and the key kept with the responsible person at the location of the mobile home and portable toilet cartridge dump facility. The facility must be secured to prevent any illegal dumping, with a key available for customers wishing to use the facility. When the key is given out to the customer, details are to be recorded in the dump point logbook.
  • A hose tap with trigger action nozzle is to be located within 2 metres of the mobile home and portable toilet cartridge dump facility. The hose tap must comply with AS/NZS 3500.1:2003 and be fitted with an appropriate testable backflow prevention device.
  • This installation is deemed to be a high hazard for backflow prevention within the property, therefore a boundary containment device is required to comply with our backflow prevention policy.
  • The mobile home and portable toilet cartridge dump facility is to be protected from vehicular damage by the installation of a 100mm bollard on each corner.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe toilet additives should always be encouraged. 
  • Formaldehyde based additives should be discouraged.
  • A sign is to be located adjacent to the  facility with a minimum size of 600mm x 400mm. The business owner is responsible to have the sign made and installed. An example is provided below.

Toilet Disposal Facilty Example

Accepting waste from third parties

Accepting waste from tankered septic effluent contractors is not allowed.

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For information about discharge from portable toilet waste domestic and international aircraft, trains, marine craft, ferries, building site toilets and passenger road coaches see:

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