Quick service restaurants

Information about managing trade waste in a quick service restaurants, specifically KFC, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster, Chicken Treat, McDonalds, Oporto and Chooks Fresh & Tasty.

Trade waste permit

Each of these premises require an industrial waste permit in order to discharge the wastewater from their food preparation areas to sewer. The permit attracts an annual permit charge.

Apply for approval to dispose of your waste into our system.

Quality-quantity usage charges

Trade waste quality/quantity charges apply to quick service restaurants are user pays charges that recover the cost of collection, treatment and disposal of trade wastewater.

Charges are based on a fixed industry wastewater discharge profile determined for each individual chain and are levied quarterly in arrears.

Quality-quantity charges are not presently applied to stores located in food courts or food halls. These outlets trade under restricted shopping centre operating hours, have no direct external access by the public, and may share a common grease trap with other food hall tenants.

Pre-treatment and plumbing requirements

All wastewater generated from any quick service restaurant is to discharge to an approved pre-treatment fixture to protect our wastewater system from excessive fats, oils and solids.

If pre-treatment is not installed, a number of issues can occur including the formation of odorous and toxic gases, blockages, overflows, corrosion and general overloading.

Refer to Typical Drawing for the Construction and Installation of Grease Arrestors (HX33-010-00) which provides details of a suitable arrangement.

All water supply and wastewater connections associated with the facility must be carried out by a licensed plumber in accordance with AS/NZS3500.

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