Radioactive waste

Requirements and information about applying to discharge radioactive waste.

The Radiation Safety Act 1975, provides the legal requirements for the possession, storage, use, handling, disposal, or other dealings with radioactive substances in Western Australia.

The Act is administered by the Radiological Council through the Radiation Health Section of the Health Department of Western Australia. The Radiological Council determines acceptable limits and practices for the disposal of aqueous radioactive wastes to the wastewater system, and reviews these limits as required.

Generally, acceptable limits are achieved either by using radioactive substances which don't exceed the set concentration limits, or by requiring the storage of waste material until it has undergone radioactive decay to be within the set concentration limits. Control is exercised by registration of premises and materials, by the licensing of persons and by monitoring locations (principally laboratories) and users.


A trade waste permit is required for discharges of radioactive substances to our wastewater system. Standard procedures for the assessment of trade waste discharges are applied.

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The disposal or discharge of radioactive substances to the wastewater system without the necessary approvals is an offence under the Radiation Safety Act 1975, and the Metropolitan Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage By-Laws, 1981.

Application must be made to the Radiological Council and Water Corporation. Our approval to discharge radioactive substances may be given if:

  • the Radiological Council has provided written approval for the discharge
  • the radioactive substances are within the limits prescribed by the Radiological Council
  • a trade waste application has been submitted.


Pre-treatment of the waste is not required other than delaying the discharge until the waste has decayed to an acceptable level, if feasible.

We retain the right to refuse to accept radioactive waste.

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