Receival of third party tankered waste

Find out how to manage third party tankered waste so that it enters the wastewater system in a safe manner.

Our wastewater system is designed primarily to service households discharging domestic wastewater. However, we try to make the system available for trade waste wherever it is safe and appropriate; and to provide a simple and consistent administrative framework and pricing model across WA.

We may also accept controlled waste to be discharged by licensed liquid waste transport tankers into a wastewater treatment plant, or at a point within the wastewater collection system. However, not all controlled wastes are compatible with our system. Therefore, any industry or business that wishes to discharge these types of wastes to our sewers or treatment plants must apply and obtain a written agreement or disposal contract from Water Corporation.

Controlled waste is defined under the Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004, which applies to waste generators, waste carriers and treatment and disposal sites.

A list of the controlled waste categories can be found on the Department of Environment Regulation website.

Why are there controls over tankered waste entering the wastewater system?

The risk associated with accepting third party tankered waste into our wastewater collection system is assessed to ensure that:

  • the waste is not toxic to the biological processes in use in wastewater treatment plants, or will detrimentally affect treated wastewater or biosolids re-use
  • the quality of effluent and biosolids from wastewater treatment plants conforms to strict standards set for discharge to the environment
  • there is no threat to the safety of our wastewater operations personnel
  • we comply with the legislative requirements under the Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004.

Our regions and wastewater treatment plants are not required to accept tankered waste. However, we are keen to provide this service where possible to achieve the best environmental outcomes.

Pricing principles

The prices for third party disposal of tankered waste at wastewater treatment plants or sewers are based on average cost recovery. To avoid an extensive schedule of fees, costs used to set prices are based on a sample of wastewater treatment plant sites across the state and the metropolitan area. We review the charges every 5 years, or more often as required.

Disposal contracts

Prior to any controlled waste being discharged there must be a legally binding contract between Water Corporation and the carrier. The contract covers relevant details of the waste being discharged such as category, specific acceptance criteria, contract duration, costs, sampling and monitoring requirements, compliance conditions, and local occupational safety and health requirements.

Third party tankered waste – schedule of charges 2019–20


Fixed Rate


Septage  n/a  $116.28 
Shipping Waste (0-150kL)   $1,361.03* n/a 
Shipping Waste (>150kL)  $5.17* (>150kL) 
Grease Trap  n/a  $125.62*
Winery Waste  n/a  $58.30*
Pond Water  n/a  $52.69*

inclusive of GST

Charges for other waste categories will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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