Swimming pools and spas

Find out about the requirements for discharge of water from commercial swimming pools and spas to the wastewater system.

Backwash and drainage from commercial swimming pools and spas which are discharging to sewer is classified as trade waste, and a trade waste permit is required.

Backwash and drainage from domestic swimming pools and spas is not considered as trade waste. This water is not permitted to be discharged to sewer.


The connection requirements for commercial swimming pools and spas are:

  • Pools and spas with sand bed filters or separation tanks do not require any pre-treatment and may discharge direct to sewer.
  • Pools and spas with diatomaceous earth filters must discharge to a settling pit before discharging to sewer, to ensure that any diatomaceous earth is removed and does not cause blockages in the sewer.
  • The rate of discharge is not to exceed Water Corporation's current limits. A balancing tank is usually necessary.
  • The level of chlorine is not to exceed the current limit of 10 milligrams per litre (as residual chlorine).
  • Requirements for monitoring equipment and sampling facilities will be determined based on the total annual volume to be discharged, particularly where pools are to be drained to sewer for winter maintenance.
  • In regional areas it may not be possible to accept commercial pool waste to sewer due to salt loading the wastewater system which can affect treated water re-use. We will assess local conditions and advise.

Refer to Typical drawing HX33-18-30 – connection to sewer of commercial swimming pools and spas

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