The Golden Pipeline

Completed in 1903, the Golden Pipeline is a pipeline in Western Australia that travels 600km from Mundaring Weir to Kalgoorlie

The creation of famous engineer C.Y O’Connor, the pipeline took 5 years to complete and provides a fresh water supply to households, businesses, industry and agriculture ranging from the Perth hills to Kalgoorlie.

Golden Pipeline facts and figures

  • There are 15 maintenance workers that look after the pipe today.
  • In 1903 the original pipeline cost £2.5 million or $5 million.
  • It takes 5–11 days for a single drop of water to get from Mundaring Weir to the end of the pipe.
  • How many people rely on the water from the pipeline to live? 100,000 people – 33,000 rural and town services are connected by nearly 9,000km of pipeline.
  • Where water delivered by the pipeline is used:
    • 40% is used in Kalgoorlie
    • 40% in the agricultural area
    • 20% in the Perth Hills area.
  • What other industries use this water? Wheat and mining.
  • How much water does the entire pipeline hold if it were full from one end to the other? Approximately 300 million litres.
  • How many pump stations are there? Originally 8 pump stations but now there are 24.
  • If you wanted to build the pipeline today from scratch, how much would it cost approximately? About $1.5 billion.

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The Golden Pipeline

Golden pipeline e-learning