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What can't go down the drain?

Putting the wrong things down toilets and sinks can cause sewer blockages and overflows – which can sometimes cause real damage and devastation to your home, as well as to our wastewater system.


What is sewer mining?

Sewer mining is the process of extracting, treating and using wastewater before it reaches a wastewater treatment plant.


What do I do if I have low water pressure?

Our level of service is to provide 20 litres of water per minute. If you believe you are receiving less than this or you have noticed that your water pressure has changed recently there are a few things you should do.


Who is responsible for a sewer blockage? Me or the Water Corporation?

View our diagram, which shows customer and Water Corporation responsibility when clearing sewer blockages.


Why is an easement required over the sewer that already existed on my property?

The creation of notifications on titles is a relatively new process which is designed to make prospective purchasers aware of any encumbrances and restrictions that may be placed on their building, however some sewers located within properties do not presently have easements.


Why have I received an adjusted account?

If the basis on which you were originally charged has changed, you will receive an Advice of Adjustment. This advice will let you know of the additional charges or the credit adjustment, and your new account balance.


Is cloud seeding a viable solution to Perth's water supply?

Cloud seeding relies on a number of factors before it can be considered a cost-effective water supply solution.


I need to have a sewer main extension. What do I need to do?

You will need to engage a Consulting Engineer who will design and make all arrangements to extend the sewer main at your cost.


Can two or more homes connect to the same sewer connection?

A 100mm junction can service up to five home units and a 150mm junction is required for six or more home units.


When should boundary or running traps be on property connections?

Boundary traps must be installed on all property connections where the junction is located on sewers that are 300mm or larger in diameter or IO or IS sewers where the downstream sewer is 300mm or larger in diameter; and sewers, regardless of diameter, that convey a pumped discharge.