Health & safety for contractors

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Safety Essentials

Safety Essentials provide guidance on what must be in place and the checks that must be undertaken before commencing high risk activities. Our Safety Essentials are non-negotiable as nothing is more important to us than the safety of our people, contractors and community.

We relaunched our revised Safety Essentials to our internal stakeholders on 14 May 2018. Plans are underway to communicate how they will apply to contractors. In the meantime, contractors should continue to comply with their current contractual requirements.

Safety Essentials poster (Dec 2014)

Safety Essentials booklet (Jan 2015)

For the latest updates, visit our revised Safety Essentials.

Health Safety and Environment Requirements for Contractors

We have a recent changes register for our health and safety documentation.

Previous versions of documents are available on request by emailing

The Health Safety and Environment Requirements for Contractors outlines our safety procedures and general requirements for contractors working with us. The procedures and standards outlined in the requirements document are listed below.

Water Corporation is committed to ensuring that Asbestos and Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) present on our sites is appropriately managed and controlled to protect the health and well-being of employees, contractors, the community and the environment.

PCY382 Asbestos Policy

HSEAA-P-131 Working with Asbestos Procedure

Working Safely with Asbestos Checklist

Asbestos Unexpected Finds Work Instruction

Asbestos Disposal Record Form

Working Safely with Coated Pipes Factsheet

If you’re a contractor required to work in or around our site, you will need to submit an approved Clearance to Work Permit at least five days prior to commencement of work. Please consult the following procedure and supporting documentation.

WC OSH 023 Clearance to work

Clearance to work permit

Contractors constructing new metallic pipelines or working near our existing metallic pipelines need to be aware of, and effectively manage, electrical risk associated with the work. The documents below provide information relevant to this and need to be complied with.

Electrical safety in metallic pipeline construction

Pipeline voltage mitigation

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is mandatory at all of our sites. There are both site-specific and task-specific PPE requirements you need to comply with. The following document outlines our requirements, however be aware that you may also need to consider site-specific PPE for particular issues.

S022 Personal protective equipment and clothing

Request for HSEAA concession form

PPE posters

To reduce the risk of harm to members of the public at or adjacent to our construction sites, all construction work undertaken directly by us and our contractors require an assessment of risk to the public. Please refer to the following standard for more information:

S152 Public safety at contruction sites

Tagging and isolation saves lives by informing others that equipment is being serviced, thereby preventing unauthorised use of the equipment and uncontrolled release of energy. Tagging and isolation must only be done by authorised persons that have received the necessary training. For further information please refer to the following document. You must be familiar with this document and comply with the listed requirements when working on our sites.

HSEAA-P-150 Lock Out and Tag Out Procedure

Other permits may be required to undertake your work on our sites or assets. Your Water Corporation representative will advise you if these are required.