Hand watering

While it is prohibited to use your irrigation outside of your designated watering days, you may still hand water your garden.

If you have a particularly thirsty plant or a patch of lawn that needs some extra attention, you are able to hand water outside of watering days. This does not apply to hosing down your driveway or paved area, or using a high pressure hose.

Tips for hand watering

  • Use a hand-held sprayer to save water
  • Water the roots of the plant, not the leaves
  • Use a soil wetting product every 3 months to ensure the water is soaked up evenly
  • When watering pots use only a small amount of water as it is better retained in the soil


Tips for hand watering transcript

For a list of what you can and can't do outside of your watering days please see our watering do's and don'ts. If you have a garden bore, you get an extra watering day, but only one! Find out more about garden bores.

If you are establishing a new lawn or garden and need additional irrigation you can apply for a temporary exemption from the watering roster.

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