Programming your irrigation

Take care of your garden by keeping your irrigation system in tip-top shape!

With over 40% of household water used outside the home, knowing a little bit more about your irrigation system will help you save water – and money. 

Stay Waterwise WA logoMake sure you know the basics, like how to switch your irrigation off when it rains, and how to reduce your watering times while the weather is still cool. 

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Our irrigation systems often need more attention than we give them. You can save water and also avoid fines for breaching water restrictions by properly setting and maintaining your irrigation controller.

Don’t set-and-forget!

Power outages can affect your programmed watering times. Make sure you regularly replace back up batteries and check that the system is correctly programmed for your watering days. 

Watering on the wrong days because of a programming error is not an excuse for not complying with your watering days.

Remember – you should only water once before 9am or after 6pm on your allocated watering days. We’re encouraging everyone to reduce their sprinkler run time by 2 minutes per station. Make the change now and see how much water you save. 

Check the recommended watering times for your sprinkler

Basic controller features

These features are basic irrigation controller features. If you need more detailed instructions, you can look for the manual for your specific irrigation controller on the Watershed Water Systems website.

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The station controls the valves that release the water to the irrigation zones in your yard or garden.

Start time

This is the time at which a specific valve will open to irrigate a station or zone.

Run time or station duration

This is the time, in minutes, that a specific valve will stay open and water its allocated zone.

Off or stop

This will stop programs from running until you toggle back to ‘run’. Your programs will be saved – a great option when rain is on the way.


This button allows you to run a single valve for the amount of time you select. This is helpful when you want to tune-up your irrigation system and check for leaks, misaligned sprinkler heads, or clogged drip emitters. However, there are rules around testing your irrigation, so ensure that you're familiar with these before commencing.

Irrigation system testing rules


This is where you can store all your settings. It consists of a set of stations set to specific start times and run times. 

If you need help setting or maintaining your irrigation system, a Waterwise Garden Irrigator can help. Use our online search to find someone near you!

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