Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Project goal:

To make sure the plant continues to support the growing population in the catchment area.

Delivery date:


The Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Western Australia.

It treats wastewater for a population of about 680,000 people living south of the Swan River in the Perth metro.

As the population in the catchment area continues to grow, additional treatment capacity is required at the plant.

The Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade project will see the plant’s capacity increase to 180 million litres per day, accommodating a population of more than 900,000. It is expected to be completed by late 2019. 

Community Update -10 December 2018

Potential temporary increase in odour

The Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant has been successfully operating in its interim mode for months. It will remain in this mode until early 2019, when we start to transition the plant into its upgraded operating mode.

An important part of the upgrade includes improving permanent odour control at the plant. To complete this work we need to interrupt some of the plant’s odour control for a short period (expected to be up to 48 hours), during which time there may be an increase in odour from the plant.

We plan to complete this work during the week starting 10 December.


The Department of Health informed Water Corporation on 13 June 2018 the precautionary advice previously issued for a one kilometre area at the end of the Cape Peron Ocean Outlet, could be lifted.

Extensive ocean monitoring and water quality sampling at the end of the outlet, four kilometres off the beach at Cape Peron, helped inform this decision, as the water quality in the exclusion zone is back to normal and safe for people to recreate and fish.

We again apologise for any inconvenience for ocean users in this area as a result of the precautionary advice being in place.

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Project Updates

Project Update Video 1 - May 2017

Project Update Video 2 - August 2017

Community Reference Group

The Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Community Reference Group is a dedicated volunteer group that represents community members living in close proximity to the plant. The group is independently chaired and meets regularly to provide community insight and feedback to inform our operations.

If you would like more information, or to contact the group, please email community.engagement@watercorporation.com.au.

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