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We value and celebrate the diversity of our people. Cultural background, race, religion, and language spoken with family are important layers of identity. It’s these different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives that makes us an inclusive place to work.

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Strength in diversity

We want you to bring 100% of yourself to work each day. To bring your uniqueness, your experiences and your perspectives. It’s why we’re cultivating a workplace that is as diverse as the community we serve.

We want our culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) employees to connect, share experiences and work together to shape an inclusive workplace.

It’s the diversity within our employees that can drive innovation through diverse thought and experiences. As part of our commitment to provide a safe workplace for culturally and linguistically diverse people, we: 

  • celebrate our cultural differences 
  • provide language support when needed 
  • increase awareness of inclusive language within the workplace 
  • share and communicate lived experiences to raise awareness of unique perspectives.  

At Water Corporation, there is a place for everyone to belong, to thrive and feel supported.

A group of employees complete an activity in celebration of Diwali
Our CaLD working group brings colourful decorations, amazing food, art and even a little bit of dancing in celebration of Diwali.


Growing & thriving

Our inclusive CaLD partnerships and achievements include:

  • partnering with North Metropolitan TAFE to support their Adult Migrant English Program. We provide work experience opportunities for adult migrants and refugees to improve their language skills
  • offering Cultural Diversity Awareness training to our employees
  • offering training on implicit bias to our employees to challenge misconceptions
  • celebrating significant cultural events, such as Diwali.