Water restored to residents in South Hedland, Wedgefield and surrounding areas

Water has now been restored to all residents in South Hedland, Wedgefield and nearby areas following emergency repairs to a damaged water main.

Repairs were completed by 5:30am today and the water supply scheme is now fully recharged.

You can now run taps as usual. If you notice a loud sound when first turning taps on, don’t be alarmed, as this can be caused by air being released from pipework. Simply run your inside taps for a minute to remove any trapped air.

Should you notice discoloured water, please run your garden tap until the water runs clear and avoid using appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers or sprinklers until water returns to its normal colour.

For further information about water supply after an outage, visit our advice page

We wish to again apologise to residents impacted. We understand the inconvenience this incident caused and thank those affected for their patience while crews undertook emergency repairs.

For customer support please contact Water Corporation on 13 13 75