• Northam Olympic Pool and Wundowie Swimming Pool among four metropolitan and five regional aquatic centres named Waterwise by Water Corporation and Leisure Institute of WA Aquatics
  • All centres ensure every drop of water is used wisely

Northam Olympic Pool and Wundowie Swimming Pool have been recognised as Waterwise Aquatic Centres by the Water Corporation and the Leisure Institute of WA Aquatics (LIWA).

Water Minister Mia Davies congratulated the centres and the Shire of Northam for their water saving efforts at a LIWA conference yesterday (August 10) where she presented nine aquatic centres with certificates recognising their new Waterwise status.

"These centres all carried out extensive reviews of how they use water and developed management plans to achieve ongoing water savings," Ms Davies said.

"They identified many ways to save water, from retrofitting their internal plumbing with waterwise showerheads and taps, to carrying out daily water use monitoring, to changing the way they maintain and operate their facilities.

"Northam Olympic Pool and Wundowie Swimming Pool have both changed their cleaning practices and optimised the operation of their pools to reduce water use.  Northam also installed pool covers to minimise evaporation, and Wundowie reviewed its irrigation system to cut back sprinkler use.

"I encourage aquatic centres across Western Australia to get involved in the free Waterwise Aquatic Centre Program to demonstrate to patrons their commitment to saving water."

The Water Corporation has worked with LIWA to promote water efficiency in aquatic centres, which has helped the industry save 489 million litres since 2008 - which, in aquatic centre terms, is more than 195 Olympic-sized pools.   

Fact File

  • The Waterwise Aquatic Centre Program is open to all aquatic and leisure centres in WA 
  • Non-residential water use accounts for about 24% of total water use across the State
  • 17 centres have been recognised since the program was launched in August 2013
  • For more information, visit http://www.watercorporation.com.au  

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