• Hot, dry spring has led to high water use in Perth, Mandurah and residents served by the CY O'Connor pipeline
  • Water use more than 8.7 billion litres above target since July 1
  • Water Corporation asking residents to drop two minutes off sprinkler times

Summer officially arrived this week - but with record high temperatures throughout spring, Perth's water use has already spiked to above average levels. 

Water Minister Mia Davies today urged households and businesses to cut back their water use, as Water Corporation figures showed the Perth region was 8.7 billion litres over target since July 1, 2015.

"The unseasonably, dry spring has caused water use to increase, and a hotter than average summer is predicted," Ms Davies said.

"Combining these high temperatures with the low winter rainfall and the lowest inflows into Perth's dams on record - it is important we all work together to reduce our water use.

"The State Government has invested heavily to ensure there are climate independent water sources for WA.  We now have a mix of water sources we can draw on including desalination, dams, groundwater, and the move towards groundwater replenishment - however, demand management has always been an important part of this mix.

"The Water Corporation is asking us all to 'Whatever you do, just drop 2' and reduce the run times of sprinklers by two minutes per station." 

More than 40 per cent of household water is used on gardens.  Reducing sprinkler run times to a recommended 10 minutes per station is an ideal way to save water.

The Minister said water use was more than one billion litres on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend, which was typical of water use on a very hot summer's day.

"We've worked together to save water before, and I'm asking all residents to be mindful of their water use and do their bit to drop two minutes off their sprinkler times," the Minister said.


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  • For those who aren't sure how to program their sprinkler systems, visit http://www.watercorporation.com.au  for a range of free manuals which show exactly how to reduce sprinkler run times. You can also search for a waterwise service provider who can assist you

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