Water Corporation will lower the level of Lake Kununurra for two weeks from 31 January to 15 February, 2015 to repair the Kununurra Diversion Dam levee bank and perform a routine inspection of the dam wall.

Water Corporation North West Regional Manager, Rino Trolio, said these essential works had been planned to take place in the middle of the wet season to minimise the impact on customers and irrigators.

“We will also do some clearing work along the embankments near the Diversion Dam Bridge, which will not impact on access to the Victoria Highway but will require traffic management to be in place,” Mr Trolio said.

“I encourage everyone pumping and those with other ancillary equipment in the vicinity of the Ord River to consider what preventative measures need to be taken to protect their ability to irrigate.

“People who are required to navigate the river during this period should consider any risks involved due to lower water levels.”

Boats and barges on Lake Kununurra should be removed from the water, until the lake returns to its normal level, to avoid any damage. Boats in Lilly Creek Lagoon can remain in the water provided they are secured.

If you would like to be notified prior to any major change in Lake Kununurra water levels, please contact the Water Corporation on (08) 9168 0735 or email Kununurradepot@watercorporation.com.au to confirm your contact details for the email notification process.

Water Corporation appreciates the cooperation and understanding of the community while it completes this essential work.

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