Water Corporation today warned its customers in Maddington, Gosnells and surrounding suburbs to be wary of door-to-door water filter sales people making false claims about drinking water quality.

Residents have been visited by sales people claiming to have completed drinking water quality tests in the area and alleging the water was not safe to drink.

Water Corporation General Manager Operations Services Group, Steve Capewell, said the claims were totally without foundation.

“Some people buy and use water filters and we have no issue with that at all,” Dr Capewell said.

“The choice to install a water filter is a matter of personal preference but it is outrageous for a sales person to make completely untrue allegations with regard to the safety of our drinking water.”

Dr Capewell said the information supplied by these sales people alleged there were harmful chemicals in the water supply.  

“We are really concerned these sales people are coming across as experts in the field of water quality and misleading people through the use of ‘party tricks’ which could cause undue worry and stress to our customers,” Dr Capwell said.

Water Corporation consistently meets strict health related performance targets set by the Department of Health.

Water Corporation has also received reports that customers in Maddington and Gosnells have been phoned by water filter sales people, who claim to work for Water Corporation.  

“If you are contacted unexpectedly by someone who claims to work for Water Corporation, take down their name and employee number. Then phone us on 13 13 75 to verify they work for Water Corporation,” Dr Capewell said.

Water Corporation is working with Consumer Protection WA to investigate misleading claims made by water filter sales people across the state.

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