• Independent water supplies crucial for residents in bushfire prone areas
  • Residents reminded to think of water supplies when preparing for summer

Water Minister Mia Davies is reminding people in bushfire prone areas to have an independent water supply if they choose to stay and defend their home.

Ms Davies said it was important for people who live in high risk fire areas to understand scheme water supplies cannot be guaranteed during a bushfire.

"If scheme water is available during a bushfire then that should be considered a bonus, but it should never be relied upon," she said.

"If fire damages Water Corporation infrastructure or there is a power failure, this will result in a total loss of water."

The Minister said while Water Corporation had made preparations for the bushfire season, during a bushfire it was likely there would be a reduction in water pressure due to high demand and water supply tanks could also become empty.

"Residents who choose to stay and defend their homes should ensure they have an independent water supply and pumping capability," she said.

"Over the majority of the State we are at risk of an above normal bushfire season due to lack of rainfall, soil dryness and higher fuel loads, so I urge people not to become complacent."

People with groundwater bores and access to surface water in at risk bushfire areas are also reminded that they can take and store water to support bushfire plans.

"In the case of licensed water users, this water does not count as part of your annual entitlement, and we recommend you keep a record of the amount of water taken to support your fire plan and that you ensure it is used for emergency fire situations only," Ms Davies said.

"Rural landholders also need to be aware that bores and dams can also be called upon by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and Department of Parks and Wildlife during bushfire emergencies.  We encourage landholders to ensure whoever is fighting the fire has access to draw points when needed."

 DFES and local councils have information available to assist with bushfire preparations, and people living in bushfire prone areas are encouraged to contact them if they needed further advice.

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