Climate change is no match for the Water Corporation, as it moves another step closer to securing water supplies for 44 towns connected to the Great Southern Towns Water Supply Scheme (GSTWSS) with completion of an eight kilometre pipeline.


The GSTWSS sources water from Harris Dam and supplies water to towns including Collie, Narrogin, Kojonup, Katanning and Gnowangerup. Harris Dam continues to be impacted by climate change – with the dam at its lowest level since it was first filled in 1990.


Water Corporation South West Regional Manager, John Janssen, said the pipeline allowed water from the Integrated Water Supply Scheme (IWSS) to be used to supply the Great Southern Towns Water Supply Scheme. 


“The new pipeline has been constructed between Stirling Dam to an existing pipeline north-west of Harris Dam near Collie,” Mr Janssen said.


“The pipeline allows water from the IWSS to be directly supplied into the GSTWSS.”


Mr Janssen said the new pipeline would be tested shortly, with water from the IWSS to be delivered into the GSTWSS.


“Some people may notice a slight change to the aesthetic characteristics of their water when the new pipeline is tested and used,” Mr Janssen said.


“If you have a more sensitive palate you may notice a slightly different taste as we start to mix IWSS water into the scheme for the first time.


“However, we expect most people not to notice any difference, which has been our experience after introducing a different water source into other schemes.”


Mr Janssen said the final part of the project to be completed at the end of 2017 will be the construction of a permanent water pump station near Stirling Dam. This will replace a temporary pump station, which is needed to help transfer water through the scheme until the permanent pump station is completed.


Fact file:

  • The IWSS provides water to 2 million people in Perth, Mandurah, the Goldfields and Agricultural Region and parts of the South West.

  • In 2015-16, the largest source of water for the scheme was desalination contributing 47 per cent of supply, followed by groundwater at 46 per cent of total supply, with just 7 per cent of water from dams.

  • Desalination provides a more secure, climate independent source of water for both the IWSS and GSTWSS.

  • The GSTWSS supplies water to towns including Collie, Narrogin, Kojonup, Katanning and Gnowangerup. Before the completion of this pipeline, the scheme relied solely on water from Harris Dam.

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