Water Corporation is replacing cast iron water mains which were first installed more than 100 years ago in Fremantle – to put that into perspective, when these pipes were laid workers dug trenches by hand and transported the pipes using horse and cart.


Thankfully in 2017, advancements in technology mean work to replace the 2.8 kilometres of water mains should only take around five months to complete.


Water Corporation has partnered with ATCO Gas Australia to carry out water and gas main replacements at the same time.


Work has begun on Tuckfield Street and Burt Street and will be carried out in stages along:

  • East Street
  • Swanbourne Street, between High Street and Knutsford Street, and
  • High Street between Ord Street and East Street

These projects are expected to be completed by late-November 2017.


Water Corporation and ATCO Gas Australia are continuing work in Kings Square which began in May, to replace water and gas mains ahead of the redevelopment.


Water Corporation spokesperson Clare Lugar said while the water main replacements were generally a once-in-a-lifetime event, work would be carried out in stages to minimise disruption.


“We will continue to work closely with businesses and local residents to minimise disruption over the coming months,” Ms Lugar said.


“We thank the community and road users for their patience while we carry out these essential upgrades.”


The project forms part of the Pipes for Perth Program, which will replace 150 kilometres of original cast iron water mains by the end of 2018. The program will reduce the likelihood of breaks and provide a reliable water supply to local residents for decades to come.


Specific information about the project can be found on Water Corporation’s website at www.watercorporation.com.au/pipesforperth

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