Saving lives is all in a day’s work for Andre Sequeira, who made his 156th blood donation during National Blood Donor Week.


Andre donates as part of Water Corporation’s Red25 team, which enables employees to make life-saving donations during work hours. Water Corporation’s team has saved more than 9,000 lives over the past six years, making it the largest donor in the Red25 Corporate Category. Water Corporation's Andre Sequeira (right) celebrates his milestone blood donation


Andre was recognised for his efforts at an event held by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service last week.


“At last week’s recognition event, those who made a milestone number of donations were urged to spread the message that the Blood Service still needs more donors,” Andre said.


“I want to share why I am so passionate about donating blood.  Firstly, not everyone can donate; there are many factors that have to be taken into account like age, health, lifestyle or where you have lived, so it’s important for those of us that are eligible to donate if they can. 


“Secondly, it is one way that you can make a big difference in the life of another, by simply making a donation of blood, plasma or platelets. It is a priceless gift that only you can give and which is in huge demand. 


“On a personal note, 18 years ago, I lost my wife to Leukaemia, which is one of the most challenging illnesses to suffer from.  During her treatment, I witnessed how much difference a bag of blood, plasma or platelets could make to improve her wellbeing.  And yet if there were no donors, for these blood products, these patients’ quality of life and life itself would be under serious threat.


“When you donate blood, people aged between 18 and 45 can also opt in to join the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry.  You are then added to an international registry and if you do happen to match someone - which is literally one in a million chance - you can help save another life.


“If you are sitting on the fence, contemplating if you should give blood donation a go, I urge you to roll up your sleeves and try. You never know when your life saving donation will make a difference to your loved ones, family or friend.”


To find out if you can donate, contact the Blood Service on 13 14 95 or go to


  • Water Corporation has won the Red Cross Red25 Corporate Category for the past six years, saving 9,021 lives
  • The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is one of Water Corporation’s partners through its employee giving program, Wavemakers. This program allows employees to give back to the WA community.

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