Students at Melville Senior High School discovered how seawater is turned into fresh drinking water this week during a visit from Water Corporation, as part of World Water Day held each year on March 22.

Water Corporation General Manager Customer and Community Group, Catherine Ferrari, said students were taught the science behind desalination, where seawater was forced under high pressure through a fine membrane to remove the salt and other matter, in a process known as reverse osmosis.

“Recent surveys have shown nearly two-thirds of people in Perth aged 18 to 35 do not know where their drinking water comes from, with most assuming it is still rainwater collected in our dams,” Ms Ferrari said.

“Desalinated water now makes up nearly half of all drinking water supplied to Perth residents, as it is a climate-independent water source.”

Ms Ferrari said it was important younger Western Australians were aware of how precious water was in our drying climate.

Melville Senior High School geography teacher Tracy Fynmore said students were learning about the impact of climate change, and the effect this has on the long term sustainability of Perth’s water supply.

“Finding out how Water Corporation has planned for more climate resilient water sources is a great way of reinforcing that sustainability message,” Ms Fynmore said. 

World Water Day is about taking action on water issues around the globe and provides schools with a great opportunity to promote waterwise messages in class and conduct water themed activities.

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