Water Corporation most recently tested the water supply entering the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre on 10 April 2017, with no detection of lead above guideline levels. These tests have been carried out monthly since January 2017.

Water Corporation supplies water to the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre site, which is then on-supplied to the Perth Children’s Hospital site via a private network of pipes. 

The unused pipe referred to as the ‘dead leg’ in the Building Commission’s report forms part of QEII’s private network of pipes. These pipes, as with all internal plumbing, are the responsibility of the building owner, not Water Corporation. Water Corporation’s responsibility ends at a customer’s water meter.

Water Corporation reassures its customers their water supply meets all health related requirements and is completely safe for use. 

There has been no detection of lead above health guideline levels across the entire Water Corporation metropolitan water supply scheme since our formal records began 17 years ago.

Water Corporation carries out regular comprehensive sampling at the water source, treatment locations and at points along the water supply network for microbiological, chemical and physical parameters that are analysed by independent laboratories, as agreed with Department of Health.

Any customer who is concerned about their drinking water quality can contact Water Corporation on 13 13 75.

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