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If your water meter cannot see the light of day, Water Corporation is asking you to add clearing around it to your summer ‘to do’ list to make sure it is free from overgrown bushes, long grass or debris.


Water Corporation South West Regional Manager, John Janssen said more than 255,000 water meters were read by his team each year, with many unable to take readings due to obstructed meters.


“We read your water meter every two months and overgrown bushes, long grass, soil and locked gates are the most common obstructions that can prevent us from taking a reading,” Mr Janssen said.


“Obstructed water meters are found everywhere, but in the South West we’ve found they are generally more common at holiday homes.


“To read your water meter, we need to have a line of sight to the meter itself - if it’s covered up by soil or long grass, we generally can’t read it,” Mr Janssen said. 


“Our meter readers read hundreds of water meters every day, so ensuring your meter is unobstructed will make their jobs safer and easier.”


Water meters should be positioned with a clear space of at least 30 centimetres around each side and 120 centimetres above.


Water meters are generally located along the front boundary of a property.


If you have any queries about your water meter, call Water Corporation on 13 13 75.

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