Water Corporation today reminded those visiting Harris Dam to do their bit to protect water quality by abiding by catchment protection signs.

For more than 20 years Harris Dam has been an important drinking water source for thousands of people in Collie and more than 35 towns supplied by the Great Southern Towns Water Supply Scheme.

Water Corporation South West Regional Manager John Janssen, said recreational activities such as fishing, swimming and camping were prohibited at the dam, to protect the important drinking water source.

“Our catchment rangers continue to see and hear reports of people undertaking activities that are not permitted in drinking water catchments - including marroning, swimming and the dumping of rubbish,” Mr Janssen said.

“As many locals know, Harris Dam is a great place to visit for a picnic or barbeque, but we urge people to enjoy these facilities without impacting on water quality in the dam,” Mr Janssen said.

Anyone found undertaking an illegal activity within the Harris Dam drinking water catchment area or tampering with the boom gates could face a fine of up to $2,500.

Water Corporation uses world’s best practice in managing safe drinking water by using multiple barriers, including source protection at dams.

Did you know?


  • Harris Dam was built in 1990 and can store 72 billion litres of water.  
  • The dam is located on the Harris River, and the catchment drains an area of about 325 square kilometres.
  • Each year Water Corporation carries out more than 66,000 water samples at the water source, treatment locations and points along the supply network.

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