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For the past 20 years Kambalda Primary School has been leading the by educating young people about the importance of protecting and saving precious water.


As one of region’s first Waterwise Schools, Kambalda Primary was a trailblazer in the program that has now endorsed 574 schools across the State.


The program was established to help teachers educate young people on the need to value, protect and conserve water.


Water Corporation Goldfields and Agricultural Regional Manager, Sharon Broad, thanked the school for sharing the waterwise message.


“In our drying climate it’s important our next generation understands the need for climate independent water sources, such as desalination, while at the same time using less water in our daily lives,” Mrs Broad said.


“Through our Waterwise Schools program we hope all students develop a positive life-long commitment to sustainable water use.”


Kambalda Primary School Principal, Toni Colling, said in the arid climate of the Goldfields, water was incredibly important to the community and local industry. 


Ms Colling said with few local sources of fresh water, it was never taken for granted and was always a topic of interest in the classroom.


“For the students there are many layers of learning within the theme of water - especially in science, technology and maths and it’s also woven into our fascinating Goldfields history,” Ms Colling said.


“Twenty years on we remain committed to educating young people about our natural resources and the need to protect our precious fresh water resources.” 


A commemorative certificate acknowledging the milestone was presented to the Principal and student representatives today during the school’s Earth Science Day celebrations.


Further information about the Waterwise Schools Program is available from the Water Corporation’s website at


Did you know?

  • There are 574 Waterwise Schools across Western Australia – this represents 55 per cent of schools across the State.
  • Now in its 23rd year, the Waterwise Schools Program takes a long-term approach to water education and behavioural change, and complements the curriculum across all major learning areas.

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