• Highly visible water pump stations blank canvasses for Western Australian artists

  • Water Corporation's Splash of Colour project bringing vibrancy to Noranda and Morley

Residents in Noranda and Morley may notice artists at work in their suburbs in the coming weeks as locals George Wilkinson and Peter Ryan bring dull water pump stations to life through the Splash of Colour Community Art Program.


The State Government, through the Water Corporation, has partnered with the City of Bayswater to transform two pump stations into public art pieces. The projects support mutual goals to create vibrant and liveable communities.


Work began last week at a pump station in Robert Thompson Reserve in Noranda. Artist, biologist and urbanist George Wilkinson began painting his well-known 'city map' design, highlighting the place name Noranda within the artwork.


This project supports the City of Bayswater's plans to make Noranda a go-to destination and the community's priority of activating blank walls around the town centre.


This week celebrated artist Peter Ryan began to transform a pump station in Morley, adjacent to the Walter Road and Jakobsons Reserve drain, into a vibrant piece of community art.  The artwork will celebrate the connection between the local environment and flora and fauna.


Ryan's artwork is the final piece of a larger project between the City of Bayswater and the Water Corporation to transform the drain into a living, breathing wetland for the community to access and appreciate.


The drain has been rejuvenated with rushes and grass trees, which will provide a habitat for birds, frogs and other wildlife, and improve the quality of water flowing into the Swan River.


New lighting and fencing has been installed to improve safety and make the area more welcoming to the community. 


When this work is completed, 37 assets across WA will have been transformed through the Water Corporation's Splash of Colour Community Art Program, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community.


Keep up to date on the results of the artwork on social media using #splashofcolourWA.


Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"It is exciting to see the Water Corporation transforming these two pump stations into community pieces of art.


"Once George Wilkinson and Peter Ryan have completed their work, they will be both functional - and beautiful - assets for the community to enjoy.


"The Splash of Colour program continues to celebrate water and the important role it plays in our State, while turning highly visible and functional infrastructure into something really special.


"I look forward to seeing how these square green boxes in Noranda and Morley are completely transformed into bright and creative art pieces that reflect the diversity of each community and its unique local stories."


Comments attributed to Morley MLA Amber-Jade Sanderson:


"This is another great example of State and local governments working together.


"Turning local infrastructure into beautiful pieces of art is a fantastic initiative for the whole community to enjoy."


Comments attributed to Mount Lawley MLA Simon Millman:


"Public visual art like this enlivens communities and is uplifting for all of us.


"Thanks to the City of Bayswater and the Water Corporation for investing a little bit of energy into brightening this corner of Morley."

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