• New interactive hub launched at Groundwater Replenishment Visitor Centre during National Water Week

  • Groundwater replenishment is Perth's newest water source and an Australian-first

  • National Water Week encourages people to be more waterwise in the face of climate change

Water Minister Dave Kelly today joined students from Ocean Reef Senior High School to officially launch a new interactive hub at the State Government's Groundwater Replenishment Visitor Centre in Craigie.


Groundwater replenishment is the process by which treated wastewater undergoes advanced treatment to produce drinking water.  The water is recharged to an aquifer for later use as a drinking water source.


The interactive hub is designed to take visitors on the journey of Perth's newest water source, developed as a result of the profound impact of climate change. The recently completed digital components in the hub allow visitors to interact with the water cycle using touch screens.


The first stage of the Groundwater Replenishment Scheme in Craigie started recharging recycled water in late 2017, and has the capacity to produce 14 billion litres of water each year. Work is underway to expand the scheme's capacity to 28 billion litres of water a year.


Groundwater replenishment forms part of the State Government's Water Forever plans, to secure water supplies in response to climate change. These plans are based on a three-pronged approach to develop new water sources, reduce water use and increase water recycling. Groundwater replenishment could supply up to 20 per cent of Perth's drinking water by 2060.


To book a tour at the Groundwater Replenishment Visitor Centre, visit https://www.watercorporation.com.au


Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"Groundwater replenishment shows how science and innovation work together to provide solutions to challenges we are facing due to the impacts of climate change.


"At the hub the community, and importantly school children, can find out all about groundwater replenishment as our newest water source through the new interactive touch screen tables.


 "When the second stage of the Groundwater Replenishment Scheme is completed, it will have the capacity to supply up to 28 billion litres of recycled water each year - enough to supply 100,000 Perth households.


"Perth is the first city in Australia to invest in groundwater replenishment and I encourage the community to take the time to find out more about this innovative technology."