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Cowaramup residents are being urged to think twice about what they flush down the toilet after a ‘pipe monster’ was found blocking the wastewater system this week.


Weighing about 50 kilograms, the beast blocking the wastewater pump station on Bussell Highway was composed of things people have flushed down the toilet and sink that don’t break down.


Water Corporation South West Regional Manager John Janssen said this was the second time the wastewater system in Cowaramup had been blocked in the past month.


“Things like socks, jocks, wet wipes and nappies shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet or sink as they don’t break down like toilet paper and can wreak havoc on our wastewater system,” he said.


“Every year, Water Corporation spends more than $150,000 across the south west to combat this issue. We need everyone to do the sensible thing and, as the saying goes, if it’s not pee, paper or poo don’t flush it down the loo.”

Mr Janssen said it was also important to not pour fat, oil or grease straight down the kitchen sink as once cooled it could solidify and cause blockages.


This will not only help protect the environment and the wastewater system, but also potentially save you money from having to call a plumber to fix any internal blockages,” he said.

“Water Corporation maintains 1,460 kilometres of sewer mains in the south west alone and Cowaramup residents play an important part in helping us to protect our environment and safely taking away wastewater for treatment.”

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