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  • Metropolitan water, wastewater and drainage operations to be brought back in-house, 25 years after the services were privatised by the then Liberal Government
  • More than 250 workers to transition into Water Corporation, under Government ownership
  • Bringing services back in-house will provide consistency across the State and achieve financial savings
  • Honours election commitment to return privatised services where possible and economically beneficial 

The McGowan Labor Government will bring operations and maintenance of the Water Corporation's water, wastewater and drainage networks in the Perth and Mandurah region back in-house, 25 years after services were privatised by the then Liberal Government.


The Water Corporation recently completed a review of the delivery of its operation and maintenance services in the Perth and Mandurah region. The review resulted in the Water Corporation Board determining that in-sourcing would be the best model for the future. This is consistent with the way the services are delivered by the Water Corporation in all other parts of the State.


A more consistent and integrated approach is expected to deliver several benefits including estimated savings for taxpayers of $2-3 million per year, more streamlined customer interaction and rapid and effective decision-making when new asset investment is required.


The operations and maintenance services were originally privatised by the Liberal Government in 1995. The current contract was entered into in 2012 with Programmed Facilities Management Pty Ltd and was named Perth Region Alliance (PRA).


The Water Corporation will now work with Programmed Facilities Management to transition the entire workforce and service provision by March 2020.  All PRA employees will be provided continued employment with the Water Corporation.


Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:


"The Liberals privatised these services, and my Government is bringing them back into public delivery.


"Bringing these services back into public hands will save taxpayer's money and ensure high quality service for years to come.


"This is just another example of implementing responsible decisions that deliver ongoing benefits to the community."


Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"More than two decades after the Liberal Government privatised these services, I'm pleased to see the Water Corporation Board has decided to bring them back in-house.


"Water Corporation's review of its operation and maintenance services identified that putting these services back in public hands would save taxpayers' money and ensure consistent services are provided to all customers across the State.


"We recognise the work and expertise of every PRA worker and are pleased to see them become employees of the Water Corporation.


"This not only means a new way of working to deliver greater value for the community, but more conditions and benefits for these employees that don't exist under current arrangements."

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