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  • Millbridge gets its first taste of Water Corporation Splash of Colour program
  • Aboriginal artist Harley Akers uses skills to transform a row of electrical cabinets and capture local connection to water 

A row of everyday grey electrical cabinets in the State's South-West have been transformed into a vibrant piece of community art through the Water Corporation's Splash of Colour program.


The McGowan Government, through the Water Corporation, enlisted local Aboriginal artist Harley Akers to give the cabinets located on Millbridge Boulevard in Millbridge, a colourful makeover.


The artwork captures the local water story, showcasing flora and fauna including a red-eyed tree frog and magpie as well as a white gum tree and wetlands.


The Splash of Colour program was first trialled in the South-West in 2017 and has since expanded across the State as far north as Broome and south to Albany.


So far, 42 Water Corporation electrical cabinets and pump stations throughout the State have been turned into meaningful pieces of community art through the program.


Track the progress of the program on social media by following #splashofcolour.


Comments attributed to Water Minister Dave Kelly:


"The Splash of Colour program continues to enhance the liveability and vibrancy of local neighbourhoods by turning highly visible and functional water infrastructure into something really special.


"I continue to be blown away by the talent of local artists who have helped create beautiful works of art for the community to enjoy, not only here in the South-West but all throughout the State.


"I hope this colourful piece of community art in Millbridge also serves as an important reminder of the importance of conserving water with the South-West of Western Australia one of the areas on the planet most affected by climate change through declining rainfall."


Comments attributed to Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray:


"Programs such as this can really brighten up traditionally bland and mundane, but necessary infrastructure in our communities.


"I think it's fantastic that local artist Harley Akers was given the opportunity to showcase his talents while illustrating the community's connection to its environment."



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